08.02.13 special mention

A special mention to Daniel,retired, who lives 5 month in Chamonix and 3 in St. Francisco. “And what about the other 4 months in a year?” “Well, I like travelling”. Thank you Daniel for the beautiful pictures!


Fantasie di un clown, by Daniel

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Week 6: penguins climbing everywhere

Hello guys! (and girls as well!)

As it was said, after the rain the cold came againg, and it’s VERY cold! In the last days English people climbed Cascata della Centrale (Gressoney St.Jean),  Sigarhorror, Lysbalma, Fantasie di un Clown, and everything was in good conditions!

Here some of their pics

.Sigarhorror fantasie di un clown DSC01639

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01.02.13 …raining…

After a very warm Thursday (a lot of people doing Y, everybody wet, the ice melting!!) today it has been raining since the morning, at least in Gressoney Saint Jean.

Tomorrow it should be cold again, but be careful!!

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week 4 – 5: good conditions everywhere!!

With some cold nights and sunny days icefalls are perfect!! Even those whose acces is sometimes difficult if there is a lot a snow are now easily joinable. Only Loo fall is not completely ready (too much water).

Diego Margiotta and Davide Frachey opened 4 new lines this week. All informations are available at Flying Brasserie in Gressoney St. Jean

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Week 3-4: some pics from Alpenzu

Here some pics from Alpenzu, friday 18: the starting point, a general outlook, the final part.starting pointAlpenzualpenzu top

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Week 2 – 3 : cold is coming again!!!

Today in the afternoon 2 people said they climbed Jolanda – and they were not alone.

The line was not so wide and the ice was quite thin, but enough for cimbing without warrying. Is the forecasts are right, next week it will be cold again and we’ll have an interesting end of january, with  bright blue ice colouring the valley sides!))))))

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Week 1-2: a warm beginning for 2013

Goodmorning everybody and happy new year!

In these first days of 2013 the hot temperatures have been melting a lot of our spots at the lower altitude…

BUT!  Diego “Er Magico” Margiotta and Davide “Menga” Frachey did a first repetition of a unnamed iced fall in Mt. Tijaz area (the first ascent probably done by alpine guide Silvio Mantoan) and they also did Thriller92.  In the same week we saw people climbing on Y,

SO: probably there are not the best conditions of the year, but from Gressoney La Trinité going up you can still find a good place to climb!

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week 52 :-)

Ok: even if the beginning of the week was a little warm, a lot of ice climbers have been seen on our iced waterfalls: Y, Jolanda, Alpenzu and Lysbalma passed the test!    :-))

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Week 51 warning!!


Warm temperatures broke Alpenzu and Loo.

Maybe something still possible in Jolanda area, but be careful…

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Week 50-51 merry iced Christmas!

Hallo everybody once again!

Winter is coming (as Stark house teach us in Game of Thrones) … and ice climbing season is coming too! This cold period is doing a very good job for us, and we think we start climbing on Monday or Tuesday.

Loo ice-fall is almost ready (and that’s one of the lower sites); we had a look on Staller and it looks good. The same for Alpenzu and the lines next to the Golf. What a good Christmas we are going to spend!

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